Introducing IM Academy's Market Tools Pack - the ultimate toolkit tailored specifically for people looking to elevate their market experience. Our pack is precisely compiled to deliver you with a selection of innovative and efficient scanners. Dive deep into the market with our state-of-the-art tools: Harmonic Scanner, Impulse, Levels, SniperVision, SwipeCoin, Aurous, Cypher, Blaze, and Wolfrush. Each tool offers a unique lens to analyze and capitalize on market movements, ensuring you have an unparalleled edge. With real-time insights and precision-driven data, we endeavor to provide you with the advantage you seek in the fast-paced world of the financial markets. Join us today and redefine your trading strategy, by harnessing the power of our Market Tools Pack.

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  • Foreign Exchange

    Foreign Exchange

    Introducing IM Academy's Foreign Exchange Course - designed to educate students with the most comprehensive and practical knowledge in the world of forex trading.

    $249.95 $184.95/28-days
  • Stocks & Crypto

    Stocks & Crypto

    Introducing IM Academy's Stocks and Cryptocurrency Course - a groundbreaking educational course designed to empower students with the education and confidence to excel in the dynamic worlds of stocks and cryptocurrencies.

    $249.95 $184.95/28-days
  • E-Commerce


    Introducing IM Academy's E-Commerce Course - a game-changing educational course crafted to guide students on their journey of e-commerce.

    $149.95 $124.95/28-days
  • Personal Development

    Personal Development

    Introducing IM Academy's Personal Development Course - a transformative program designed to unlock the full potential of your mind and pave the way for elevating your mindset.

    $99.95 $99.95/28-days